Job Search Guide

Choosing a new job is a complex decision that involves consideration of many factors, not only the salary. We want this section serves as a guide for those who want a change in their career paths, offering valuable advice to make the right decision.

We also offer resources to begin the adventure of looking for a new job, taking advantage of the new tools available online today. It's not just about online job searching tools, but also to take advantage of job fairs.

When we have found the job that fits our expectations, is very important to write correctly a job application, as a previous step to send your resume and a cover letter. Following these simple steps and job tips, your chances of finding a better quality job will be higher. These question must be more important if you're looking to improve your career. Rate the advantages and disadvantages of your current job and also the possible new job.

Useful tips to get a better job

Get better results in your job search thanks to these simple employment guides to find work. You can read information about themes like choosing the right job, online job searches, job applications or the opportunities and tips in a job fair.

Use this pages as starting point in your job search journey. We provide valuable information related to job hunting techniques, job fairs and tips on writing an application.

Choosing a Job

What are the main factors to take into account when choosing the right job?. Many people think the most important thing to consider when choosing a job is the salary, now we are going to show you more factors to take into account when choosing the right job.

Online job search

Basic information and useful resources when looking for a job online. If you seek a position on the internet you should always keep in mind that there is no reason for register personal information into that site, personal information meaning: your credit card number, your driver's license number or any medical information or similar.

Job application

We offer some valuable advice on how to complete a job application. Are you searching for a job? Well if you have started to do it, it is for sure you are looking for a job vacancy, where you can use your knowledge, skills and abilities to have an income, but also in order to gain experience, and to contribute to the organization or company to achieve its goals.

Job Fairs

The job fairs are good opportunities to find companies with open hiring processes. If you want to be some place where you can find many employers and recruiters you have to go to a Job fair, it´s also known as a Career fair or Career expo, you will find many people that may be interested in hiring you, with some luck you will contact an employer and can show him/her your communication skills, it will be a fast conversation, just 2 or 3 minutes, and, nonetheless, you will be interviewed.