Are you searching for a job? Well if you have started to do it, it is for sure you are looking for a job vacancy, where you can use your knowledge, skills and abilities to have an income, but also in order to gain experience, and to contribute to the organization or company to achieve its goals. If you already have written your resume/CV, then, the next step is the "job application" process. Here, we intend to give you a brief, but comprehensive introduction to this process, in order you know about the things you have to do.

Online job application

The job application implies you to have your resume and cover letter ready to be sending. Whether you go directly to the company's office, or enter to the company's website to apply for the job, you must have both documents already written. Just to remember, those documents have to be written carefully, and have to be free of spelling errors. Your application along with these documents will be the first impression for the employers, so take the time to do it correctly and accurately.

Steps to apply for a job

Here, we are going to describe the steps, and the things you have to bear in mind, to fill out an application form:

  • Filling a printed form: Sometimes, you will have to go in person to the office's company and fill out the form. Thus, try to read carefully the instructions on the form, in order to fill it correctly, so take your time and write the information.

    Fill the form with a blue or black pen. Write the information clear and try to don't make mistakes. Remember once more, it will be the first impression of you for the employers. Don't let to fill out the required info on the forms, just do it, if it is optional.

    Furthermore, don't forget to be honest all the time. Besides, when you finish filling the form, proof read it. After proofreading, sign the form accepting you agree with all the information you have wrote there.

  • Filling out an online job application: Here, we are going to talk about the online job applications. For applying online, you must visit the company's website and enter to the section that normally is called "Careers".

Once there, look for the job position details. You can read the entire job description, the required basic qualifications, among others. It is important, that you as an applicant, pay attention to the requirements of the job in order to realize if your knowledge, skills and abilities match the job criteria.

Once you decide, you want to apply for the job, just make click in the button "apply" (it can vary according to the company). After, you will have access to the online form, where you can enter the information. Generally, you will have to enter your personal information such as name, last name, address, etc and then usually, you will have to attach your resume and cover letter and make click on "send".

Online job applications are easy to fill, so if you have in mind the organization you want to work in, you can enter to its website and search for the form or details to send your resume and cover letter. In the other hand, you can also search on Internet those websites that help you to find the job offers of the company in a short time.


If you want to save time, but also find many job offers related to your career, you can use the useful resources on Internet. One of them is the following site:

Job application. Here, you can find job offerings by company and industry. For instance, if you select a company, you can read a description about it, and also have the details to contact it. Most of the time, you will have the access to the section where the company publishes its online job offers, through this site.

Then, the application process won't take much time, but it is for sure it will demand of you to do the best, in order you be considered for the job interview.