System administrators maintain the UNIX system of computers. Some of the main functions of a NT/UNIX Administrator are:

  • Installing New Software
  • Adding and Removing Users
  • Adding and Removing Hardware
  • Helping Users
  • Maintaining Local Documentation
  • Performing
  • Auditing Security
  • Monitoring the System
  • Troubleshooting

To work as a system administrator, it is necessary to have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or in Management Information System. The communication skills are also very important because they have to use them while directing the employees.

There are only a few universities in the states which actually teach it. Having this degree instead of one in Computer Science will improve your NT / UNIX System Administrator Resume sample.

The average salary of a System Administrator is $86 thousand per year. However, if you have several years of experience or other degrees or certification you can make a more.

David Green
844 Lindon St.
York, PA 17308
(717) 555 - 8253


A challenging and rewarding position designing and developing computer hardware/software systems.


Shell scripting (Bourne, Bourne Again, Korn), HTML, Pascal, JavaScript, SQL, Oracle, PL/SQL, C, C++, Dynamic HTML (CSS), Perl, Assembler, Delphi, Visual Basic, Prolog, ML

Operating Systems:
Linux (RedHat 4.2/6.2/7.x, Slackware 7.1/8.0, Mandrake 8.x, Debian 2.2, Suse 7.3), Sun Solaris 8 (Intel/Sparc), IBM AIX 4.3.3, FreeBSD 4.0, MS Windows 95, 98, NT 3.51 & 4.0, 2000, ME, XP


Sun Systems, York, PA
Unix Specialist, 2006 - Present
  • Perform duties relating to UNIX system administration.
  • Oracle HTTP server (powered by apache) support and Oracle 9iAS portal testing.
  • Sun Solaris 8 and Linux RedHat 7.2 systems.
Independent Consultant, 2000 - 2006
  • Purchased, installed, configured, maintained, and provided troubleshooting of software and hardware on Microsoft Windows 95/98 and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 networks.
  • Provided technical support to meet client requirements.
  • Setup, designed, and maintained Internet Web sites, LISTSERVS, and e-mail discussion groups.
  • Ensured client connectivity on intranet and to the Internet, including TCP/IP troubleshooting.

B.S., Computer Science, 2002
York College, York, PA


References available on request.

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More NT Unix System Administrator Resume Samples

In your NT / UNIX System Administrator Resume sample you have to highlight your interpersonal skills since it is a very important aspect that companies consider when hiring a new employee.

Marthin Johnson
850 Oxford Rd New Hartford, NY
(315) 457-4775.

Career Objective:
To work as a NT/ UNIX System Administrator in a solid and important company to grow as a professional. And help the improvements of the company using my knowledge and skills.

  • Technical Expertise.
  • Problem Solving Skills.
  • Comunication skills.
  • Organised.
Technical Sills:
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server, Novell NetWare, Microsoft Active Directory, Linux, UNIX.
  • Programming Languages: PHP, Visual Basic, VB for Applications, Shell Scripting, VBScript, Perl, ADSI, HTML, Javascript,.NET, ASP, C, C++, Pascal, COBOL, Fortran, BASIC, Power builder.
  • Data Bases: Oracle, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Informix.
- Computer Solutions Inc - Madison, NY
NT UNIX System Administrator
February 2008- Current days

- SunCast Technologies - Madison, NY
NT Unix System Administrator
August 2002- December 2007

- Orange Corporation - Madison, NY
NT UNIX System Administrator
September 2000- June 2002

- Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA).
- Networking and Systems Administration Adv. Cert.
Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.
2008 - 2009.
- Bachelor in Computer Engineering Technology.
Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.
2001 - 2005.

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