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Resume Samples


Sample resumes for job seekers in the Business professional field.


Looking for a job related to IT? Here is our repository of sample CV.


Use our examples in order to build a professional medical resume.


Find our examples and feel free to use it for your executive resume.


Use our examples in order to build a professional medical resume.


Your profile does not fit with any category? Find here our samples for other professionals.


Are you applying for a sales job? We have the perfect sample resume for you.


Are you planning a career in the engineering field? Try our CV samples.


Herewith you will find options of well-written CVs for different educational areas.

Resume Services

Resume Writing

Some advice on how to write a professional-looking resume. The objective of your resume is to think about the employer's necessities, and to open the possibilities to being hired in the job you want. Describe your goals in the resume, this will be the first part in your document so take the time you need to do this properly.

Resume Writing Services

Increase your chances to get a job interview using professional help. Resume writing is crucial when applying for a job offer, the better you describe your skills and job experience the more employers will put their eyes on you and you will get more job interviews and job offers.

Resume Distribution

Sending your resume to many companies will give you more opportunities to get a job. Employment agencies play an important role in the process of resume distribution; many employers use these agencies to search possible candidates, so they minimize the time when searching for people that they would like to work with.

Resume Style

Find here what are the different resume formats you can use. There is not a particular and specific way to compose a resume: matter of fact, there are too many. A resume has to be functional; therefore whatever helps a candidate build an appealing, interesting resume will do.

Resume Maker

Find here what are the different resume formats you can use. Getting the job or career you have always wanted requires not only hard work and dedication, but also an updated and refreshing resume when you are applying for positions.

Language skills

Improving language skills can be vital to help your resume get to the top of the pile. Developing new and old language skills with Lingualia can help.

Cover Letters

What is a Cover Letter?

Basic information on what is a cover letter and how to write one. A cover letter is a marketing tool in every job search; therefore it's necessary to attach this document to every resume that you send. The main objective of the cover letter is to attract employer's attention towards your resume and in order to do so, you need a document free of mistakes; it also should be interesting to read.

Cover Letter Tips

We provide here good advice related to the process of writing a cover letter. Make a different cover letter for each company, adding information about the specified organization will show the employer you investigated about the business and that you're really interested in working with them.

Sample Cover Letter

This page offers two professional cover letter templates, feel free to use them. You can find a cover letter sample of a person seeking a position in furniture industry.

Job Search Guide

Choosing a Job

What are the main factors to take into account when choosing the right job?. Many people think the most important thing to consider when choosing a job is the salary, now we are going to show you more factors to take into account when choosing the right job.

Online job search

Basic information and useful resources when looking for a job online. If you seek a position on the internet you should always keep in mind that there is no reason for register personal information into that site, personal information meaning: your credit card number, your driver's license number or any medical information or similar.

Job application

We offer some valuable advice on how to complete a job application. Are you searching for a job? Well if you have started to do it, it is for sure you are looking for a job vacancy, where you can use your knowledge, skills and abilities to have an income, but also in order to gain experience, and to contribute to the organization or company to achieve its goals.

Job Fairs

The job fairs are good opportunities to find companies with open hiring processes. If you want to be some place where you can find many employers and recruiters you have to go to a Job fair, it´s also known as a Career fair or Career expo, you will find many people that may be interested in hiring you, with some luck you will contact an employer and can show him/her your communication skills, it will be a fast conversation, just 2 or 3 minutes, and, nonetheless, you will be interviewed.