Academic Resume Sample

As we know academics are teachers in colleges and universities, in other words professors. Usually they hold a PhD or Master degrees in certain fields, therefore they are able to give classes to post-secondary students at university. Likewise, they have good interpersonal and communicative skills, these skills are very important, because they have to encourage students to study.

Having a good academic resume is necessary in order to get a job interview, thus here we provide you with useful tips to write a successful academic resume:

  • List your job experience (educational institutions, deans of faculty).
  • Highlight your qualifications (PhDs, masters).
  • Describe your communicative and responsible personality.
  • Stress your computer knowledge.

David Warren
1823 Stackhouse Ln.
Akron, OH 44301
Home (817) 555-0021
Office (817) 555-9010

A tenure track position in a well estabilished sociology department, which will allow for adequate time and funding to be directed toward research.

Summary of Achievements

Rhodes Scholar
1995 - 1997: Awarded two years of post-graduate study at Oxford University. Pursued the M.Phil in Social Sciences.

Gene Landis Award for Outstanding Teaching
2002 & 2004: Selected by the student body of York College.


2006 - Present
Assistant Professor, Sociology - University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Taught such notable courses as "Intro to Sociology", "Sociology of Inequality", and "The McDonaldization of Society".

2002 - 2005
Lecturer, York College, York, PA


Ph.D, Sociology, 2001
Penn State University, State College, PA
Specialization: Global inequality, sociology of marriage

M.Phil, Social Sciences, 1997
Oxford College, Oxford, UK

B.A. Sociology, Literature 1995
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

Selected Publications

"Building More Prisons: Retribution or Rehabilitation?", American Journal of Sociology. Worthington Press, June 2002

"Big Mac Nation", published in The Globalization Reader. Bretton-Woods Press. August, 2004.

More Academic Resume Samples

Regarding academic labor market, higher education institutions require highly trained professionals every so often. College faculty's wages can vary from institution to institution, however a survey carried out by the American Association of University Professors revealed that the average salary of academics was $79,439 between 2008 and 2009.

Amy Smith
4541 Forsythe Street, Milton FL
Phone: (850) 693-3865


A tenure track position within a university.

Summary of Achievements

Elgin Heinz Award for Outstanding Teaching
2003 & 2004: Selected by the student body of St. Petersburg College.


2006 - Present
Assistant Professor, Philosophy - New College of Florida (Sarasota)
Taught the following courses "Intro to Philosophy", "Sociology and Philosophy", and "Greek Philosophy".

1998 - 2005
Lecturer, St. Petersburg College (St. Petersburg, Florida)


Ph.D, Philosophy, 2004
Florida State University (Tallahassee)
Specialization: Greek Philosophy, sociology of Philosophy

B.A. Philosophy, Literature 2000
Florida International University (Miami)