Public workers are considered as skilled labour, they are highly required in cities, towns, indeed in every state. They are hired by the Government so as to carry out several duties according to their own skills. For instance, they are required in building works so as to fix holes in streets. On the other hand they are also hired to mow the lawn at public parks and perform some janitorial duties at public settings.

Enduring high and low temperatures, public workers carry out their duties, run or shine, everyday. They have to work as a team and follow instructions of engineers or other person in charge. Likewise, they need technical expertise in handling machinery and physical strength to carry heavy loads, if you have this kind of skill then you should place it in your Public worker resume sample.

Leon Grooms
820 Lincoln St
Fort Wayne, IN 46815
(912) 555 6237

A position as public worker in construction for the City of Fort Wayne.

  • Involved in all aspects of construction of St. Mark's Children's Hospital
  • Directed a team of 40 builders from blueprint to final stages of construction.
  • Developed and implemented time-saving estimation procedures.
  • Proven ability to train and motivate teams.
  • Five years of interstate highway construction.

Construction Worker, 2004 - Present
Helman Brothers Construction, Fort Wayne, IN
Performed work on interstate highways including lane expansion, improving road signage, and highway repaving.

Apprentice, 2003 - 2004
Jones Construction, Fort Wayne, IN
Worked with carpentry team at Cedar Grove Housing Association. Assisted with all aspects of carpentry for this 400-unit apartment complex.


Carpenters Local 27, Fort Wayne, IN
Certificate, Construction, 2004

Cumberland Valley High School, Fort Wayne, IN
June 2002


References available upon request.

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718 Maguire Blvd,
Orlando, FL, United States
Phone: (407) 886-0410

To obtain a position as public worker in a building project for Orlando city.

  • Experienced public worker with more than 8 years in the market
  • Supervised a staff of 10 builders on road construction.
  • Worked extra hours to meet company's deadlines.
  • Involved in many large construction projects.

Construction Worker (2007 - Present)
HJ High Construction Co, Orlando, FL
Responsible for final stage construction processes.
Directed and supported a staff of 50 employees.

Construction Worker (2005-2006)
Bender Construction Co. Orlando, FL
Worked as a full-time employee and then was promoted to supervisor position.
Supervised and reported any incident that occurred to the person in charge of construction project.

Apprentice (2003-2004)
Prestigecore LLC. Orlando, FL
Assisted senior builders in major construction projects for Government institutions.
Worked as a part-time employee.

Completed construction training course (May - Aug 2002)
Jones High School , Orlando, FL (2001)

References available upon request.

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